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Established in 2007, MoleDive specializes in mining and sand-making equipment. With 16 years of export experience, we offer high-quality equipment and 24/7 customer support to clients in over fifty countries. Our mission is to empower your success in mining and construction projects.

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Customer Support

At MoleDive, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to address your needs and ensure your projects run smoothly.

Contact us today and experience the moledive advantage.

Our Story

In the year 2007, two visionary entrepreneurs, Mr. Xu and Mr. Cui, embarked on an audacious journey to reshape the landscape of mining and sand-making equipment in China. Armed with their expertise as R&D engineers and consultants, they aspired to create a truly unique, innovative, and high-quality enterprise in what was then an ordinary Chinese market.

To set the stage for this remarkable journey, Mr. Xu and Mr. Cui knew they had to prioritize the customer experience and exceed expectations from day one. From addressing the needs of a single customer attempting to efficiently refine a small piece of precious metal to solving complex challenges faced by research laboratories and industries, every detail was a stepping stone toward excellence.

Their mission was to elevate an industry mired in the status quo, and it required relentless collaboration, unwavering dedication, and a team bonded by shared values. Today, as we fast-forward to the present, MoleDive stands as a prominent distributor of cutting-edge mining and sand-making equipment, serving clients in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Reflecting on their humble beginnings, Mr. Xu and Mr. Cui proudly acknowledge their journey’s achievements. Yet, they remain acutely aware that the path ahead is long. Upholding their unwavering commitment to delivering “High Quality” equipment in an ever-evolving and innovative market means consistently putting their customers’ needs above all else.

At MoleDive, the story of Mr. Xu and Mr. Cui is a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation, dedication, and customer-centric values that continue to propel the company forward.

Trusted Technical Workforce

To certify authenticity in every machine, we operate with an in-house R&D team. Our technical workforce comprises of over 50 highly talented engineers. Our machine structuring and modeling are spearheaded by the latest innovation, customers’ demands, desires, and pain points.

Reliable Support Team

Whether you are looking to make a purchase, check out estimated delivery time, look up your warranty, or acquire coupling instructions about a specific machine—we are just a call away. Our support team comprises of local technicians committed to meeting your every need.

Meet Our Factory

Why Customers Trust Us

MoleDive has registered for and successfully scaled through a number of certification processes since its inception. This makes it possible to guarantee that both inside and outside of China, our services are appropriate and confirmed. The certification to ISO9001:2015 supports our quality management system.

We have different patents, the CE certificate, the SGS certificate, the AAA credit rating certificate, and more. These accreditations demonstrate how we manage quality in terms of scientific procedures, improvement, standardisation, and product adumbration, guaranteeing that our mode of operations complies with global norms.

In order to meet market demand, we keep introducing items that satisfy consumers’ expectations and have comforting certifications.


ISO CE SGS approved

Professional certification bodies certify that the machines are of high quality.

AAA credit audited enterprise

The government Audited Superb as AAA credit company (top level).

High quality

We only choose famous brand main electric components for production.

Production Line Solutions

We will provide one-stop service for your mining production line.

Strong service team

We will give response within 24 hours against your problem by our professional engineer.

Professional R&D team

Often participate in Industry Technology Forum, so that our technology to keep pace with the times.