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Aggregate Crusher

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From ore crushing to aggregate and sand processing, MoleDive offers professional production line equipment solutions capable of meeting the demands of 50-3000 tons of aggregate and sand production, assisting you in achieving rapid and large-scale production, with the ability to produce per hour.

Whether you are a small-scale miner, a large-scale ore crusher, or a burgeoning aggregate and sand producer, we provide specialized training programs to meet all your product manufacturing needs.

In the entire mining equipment industry, MoleDive focuses on ore crushing equipment and aggregate and sand production machinery, with a highly specialized equipment and training team.

Aggregate, sand and gravel display

Aggregate Production Process

  1. Jaw Crusher

Function: Primary Crushing

Description: Raw materials are initially fed into the jaw crusher, where the large rocks are crushed into smaller pieces.

  1. Cone Crusher

Function: Secondary Crushing

Description: The smaller-sized materials from the jaw crusher are further crushed by the cone crusher to achieve the desired size and shape.

  1. Feeder

Function: Material Feeding

Description: The processed aggregates are fed into various equipment and conveyors through feeders to maintain a consistent flow of materials.

  1. Conveyor Belt

Function: Material Transportation

Description: Conveyor belts are used to transport aggregates between different stages of the production process, ensuring efficient material flow.

Aggregate and Sand Production Machinery

Jaw crusher

Generally, the gravel is relatively large, the first equipment used is the jaw crusher equipment, the jaw crusher can be used to break the coarse stone, broken into small and fast stone, the important crushing equipment on the sand production line, because of its crushing ratio, strong production capacity, flexible operation, low operating cost, the jaw crusher has a wide range of application.

Cone is crusher

Cone crusher is a very good equipment in the crushing equipment, is the second level of coarse breaking, three levels of fine crushing, and a wide range of applications, can process a variety of materials of crushing equipment

Impact crusher

We know that the impact crusher is a secondary crushing equipment in the role of the sand and stone production line, in the sand and stone production line, the hardness of the broken material does not exceed 320Mpa, such as granite, basalt, etc., can be used in the secondary crushing process, the main equipment is: Vibrating feeder – jaw crusher – impact crusher – vibrating screen – finished stone, in the middle of the belt conveyor to transfer materials.

Production Process of Aggregates and Sand

Aggregate Crusher

It is very important to have a good vibrating screen in the sand production line equipment, and there are many kinds of equipment in the sand production line equipment to complete the work together. There are vibrating feeders, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen in the sand production line equipment, and they are connected by the conveyor, then each equipment is very important, but a good vibrating screen is indispensable.

Sand crushing machine

What are the main components of the linear vibration feeder? Includes vibration frame spring, vibrator, motor vibration frame and motor. Is the first equipment of mining equipment, raw materials through the feeder, into the jaw crusher

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