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Vibrating Screen Machine

Vibrating screen machine is an equipment used to separate granular materials based on different sizes

MoleDive Vibrating Screen Machine is used for the screening and grading of materials such as ores and minerals to further process or separate valuable minerals, assisting mining companies in segregating ores of different particle sizes to meet various processing requirements or market demands.

MoleDive Vibrating Screen Machine employs advanced technologies, including vibration motor excitation, rubber spring damping, high-wear-resistant screen panels, sealed screening box, and the principle of self-synchronous vibration. It features a long lifespan, low noise, and high screening efficiency, making it suitable for the screening of sintered ore, natural ore, coke, and other powdered materials.

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FAQ Guide of Vibrating Screen Machine

1. what is magnetic separation?

An instrument used to separate, classify, and screen materials according to their particle size is a vibrating screen machine, sometimes referred to as a vibrating screen or sieve. It is extensively utilised throughout a number of different industries, including mining, building, metallurgy, agriculture, and more. A vibrating screen machine’s main function is to effectively sort particles into several categories or sizes.

Vibrating screen equipment is adaptable and can be used for a variety of tasks, including sorting, dewatering, grading, and scalping. They are essential to material processing because they separate materials into various size fractions or categories, improving production efficiency and maintaining the consistency and quality of the finished product.

2. how does a magnetic drum separator work?

The sorting of particles into various grades according to their sizes is the basic idea behind a vibrating screen. This is how it goes:

  1. An electric motor that creates vibration is a feature of a vibrating screen machine. The screen vibrates quickly because of the motor, which is often installed on a vibrating platform.
  2. Screening surface: The vibrating screen is composed of a surface with meshes or apertures of various sizes. Depending on their size, these apertures permit particles to flow through.
  3. Separation: When a combination of particles is placed on a vibrating screen, the vibration causes smaller particles to pass through the perforations in the screen, whereas bigger particles either stay on the surface of the screen or are discharged from the end.
  4. Multiple decks or layers of screens layered on top of one another are common with vibrating screens. As particles move across each layer of the screen, they can be divided into different size fractions as a result.
  5. Angle and motion: The screen surface’s angle and motion can be changed to regulate the material flow and boost separation effectiveness. This entails modifying the vibration’s direction and inclination angle.
  6. Efficiency: Vibrating screens are effective at separating particles based on size and are therefore valuable in many different industries, including mining, construction, and agriculture.