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Processing materials: gold mine
Equipment configuration: crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, ball mill, flotation machine and other related equipment.

Introduction to beneficiation technology of gold mine

The beneficiation process of gold ore has the methods of gravity separation and flotation, and the flotation production line of gold ore is mainly introduced here. Gold flotation production line mainly uses flotation chemicals to select specific materials. Compared with other beneficiation methods, gold ore beneficiation process has better beneficiation effect, lower energy consumption in the production process, and saves energy and resources compared with general flotation production line. The beneficiation process of gold mine includes grinding, flotation, classification, roughing, selection, sweeping, simple operation and good environmental performance. Our company can according to the actual production situation and requirements of users, equipped with suitable gold flotation production line for users to ensure that users get higher profits at a lower cost.

Beneficiation process advantages of gold mine

First, save electricity.

The power consumption of gold ore processing process is low, and the motor equipped with each equipment is reasonable, which ensures the rapid operation of the equipment and does not cause excessive power waste.

Second, save water resources.

The discharge of water resources in the flotation process of gold mine is less, which can realize the recycling of water resources and save the production cost.

Third, large processing capacity.

Gold ore processing production insurance components of the work performance is reliable, rapid operation, to ensure that the production line has a large processing capacity.

Fourth, reasonable layout.

The mineral processing process of gold mine is compact in structure and reasonable in layout, which is convenient for material circulation and personnel operation.

Beneficiation process of gold mine

First, the gold is initially crushed by a jaw crusher. After the rough break, if it is necessary to fine break again, the gold mine material processed by fine breaking has a very fine particle size, and then the vibrating feeder evenly and continuously enters the gold mine ball mill, the gold mine ball mill grinding material enters the flotation machine for flotation, and the flotation agent is added to stir. Flotation is the core of the entire production line. The gold ore material after flotation is concentrated by concentrator, and then dried by dryer.

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