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50 tons per hour jaw crusher

MoleDive One-Production

Chalcocite crusher is designed and produced on the basis of jaw crusher, the main equipment for chalcocite targeted crushing processing effect, it can be uniform and effective crushing of chalcocite, and to a certain extent, increase the use value of chalcocite.

Chene crusher is mainly composed of frame, motor, eccentric shaft, movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, tooth plate, flywheel, adjusting device, connecting rod and other important components, the equipment is simple in structure, reasonable in design, easy to operate

1, the chalcocite crusher adopts vertical structure, reduces the floor area of the equipment, and reduces the cost of the user in civil construction costs.

2. The crushing chamber and crushing speed of the equipment have been adjusted and reformed, making the crushing efficiency higher and the output of the equipment larger.

3, the use of larger specifications, more durable eccentric shaft bearings, increase its carrying capacity, while because of its good sealing, effectively reduce bearing wear, thereby increasing the service life of the equipment, reduce the user’s production input.

4, the introduction of domestic and foreign production technology, increase the crushing strength of the crusher, for the user’s production has brought greater benefits.

5, with the flywheel design, the vibration of the equipment is reduced, the operation is more stable, the efficiency is high, the maintenance frequency of the equipment is reduced, and the user can save a lot of equipment maintenance costs every year.

6. The use of wedge adjusting device instead of gasket adjusting device reduces the maintenance time of the equipment, and makes the adjustment more convenient and fast.


Raw Materials

Copper ore crusher Guide

1. Copper ore dressing crusher feed size, an hour how much output?

Feed size: 120-1500mm, production capacity: 1-2200t/h

2. What are the materials used in copper ore dressing crusher?

Applicable materials: chalcopyrite, chalcocite, fahlerite, azurite, malachite