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copper mining equipment

MoleDive, China’s leading copper ore beneficiation equipment manufacturer

MoleDive offers advanced Copper Mining Equipment with technologies including flotation, regrinding, magnetic separation, and more. We assist mining companies in efficiently achieving copper ore production solutions, covering gold, silver, platinum, iron ores, and more. From copper ore crushing to the beneficiation process, we provide professional equipment to support your large-scale production.

MoleDive specializes in solving ore beneficiation challenges and offers guidance on mineral processing techniques and procedures. With over a decade of experience, we remain at the forefront of ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing, delivering the most professional and comprehensive engineering services, on-site training, and technical support.

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Aggregate, Copper mine

Copper mine beneficiation process

Crushing Stage: The fundamental process in ore crushing, aiming to reduce the raw ore to a suitable size for subsequent grinding. Equipment required includes jaw crushers and impact crushers (cone crushers).

Grinding Stage: Further processing of crushed ore to achieve smaller particle sizes, suitable for flotation and separation. Equipment needed: Ball mills.

Flotation Stage: An essential process for upgrading copper ore. Chemical reagents are added to the agitator/mixer to induce chemical reactions. Flotation machines are used for this stage.

The mined ore undergoes initial crushing with jaw crushers, followed by transportation and uniform feeding into ball mills for further grinding once it reaches an appropriate fineness.

The finely ground ore from the ball mills proceeds to the next step: classification. Using the principle of varying settling speeds in a liquid due to differences in solid particle density, a spiral classifier washes and classifies the ore mixture. After washing and classification, the mineral mixture enters a magnetic separator, where different magnetic susceptibilities of various minerals separate them through a combination of magnetic and mechanical forces.

Following the initial separation by the magnetic separator, the mineral particles are sent to a flotation machine. Different reagents are added based on the distinct characteristics of the minerals, facilitating the separation of the desired mineral from others. After successful separation, the mineral contains a significant amount of moisture and requires preliminary concentration using a concentrator, followed by drying in a rotary dryer to obtain dry mineral products. The copper concentrate achieved has a grade of up to 45%.

Copper mine jaw crusher

Copper mine is often used in the processing of 69 jaw crusher, the equipment for the bornite crushing treatment is strong, its crushing ratio is large, and the operation is simple, stable operation, high processing efficiency

Copper cone crusher

The hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for fine limestone, coal or other brittle materials below medium hardness in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and hydropower and other industrial sectors, with a large crushing ratio, high production capacity, uniform product particle size and so on.
Hydraulic cone crusher commonly used electrical equipment: soft starter low-voltage electrical appliances (contactors, circuit breakers, etc.) electromagnetic coupler hydraulic coupler

Ball mill for copper mine

Copper ball mill is the equipment for copper ore grinding, is indispensable in the copper ore dressing production line grinding equipment, in the production line plays an important role, because of its large production capacity, stable work, high grinding efficiency, grinding effect is good and welcomed by many copper processing enterprises.

Magnetic separator for copper mines

It is used for dry mineral processing of low grade weak magnetic black metal ore, which can improve the grade of 5-18 metals of ore at one time. For particle size 0.5-5mm poor manganese ore, poor limonite, poor hematite, high aluminum resistant materials, corundum series and other excellent effect.

Flotation machine for copper mine

Applicable materials: Applicable materials are copper ore, gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, molybdenum ore, aluminum ore, lead ore, talc, coal fluorite, bauxite, potassium feldspar, quartz stone and so on.
Copper flotation machine is mainly composed of three parts: tank body, stirring mechanism and scraper mechanism