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Copper ore crusher

MoleDive, a world-leading crusher manufacturer, assists clients in completing high-intensity crushing operations

HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone breaking of copper ore is widely used in the medium and fine crushing process of iron ore, copper ore, gold ore and other metal mines. Shanghai Shibang machine HCS single cylinder hydraulic cone breaking adopts advanced technology from the United States, combined with the performance of high-quality materials in the industry and designed an efficient crusher.


Solid structure, stable performance: the use of integrated frame castings, heavy center shaft, both ends of the spindle support, bearing capacity, crushing force; Using advanced technology, Timken bearings imported from the United States, stable operation, long service life;


Automatic control, easy operation: PCL touch screen operation and hydraulic adjustment discharge mode, easy to adjust the discharge port, easy maintenance, more convenient and efficient disassembly cone, reduce downtime;


Thin oil lubrication integration: The use of thin oil lubrication integration system, lubrication more efficient, while saving lubricating oil; The use of air cooling system to cool thin oil, to overcome environmental limitations, making the overall process more stable and efficient;

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MoleDive Copper ore crushe Guide

1. What are the copper ore dressing equipment?

Copper ore processing machinery is divided into crushing machinery, grinding equipment, screening machinery, sorting machinery, dehydration machinery and drying machinery. The separation machinery includes gravity separation machinery, magnetic separation machinery, flotation machinery and special separation machinery.

2. 2. What is copper ore processing machinery grinding machinery?

The commonly used grinding machinery for copper mining mainly includes ball mill, dry ball mill, wet ball mill, lattice ball mill, ball mill, and pendulum feeder, electromagnetic vibration feeder and belt conveyor for feeding ball mill.

3. What are the copper ore processing machinery screening machinery?

The commonly used screening machinery for copper mining mainly includes spiral classifier, high frequency screen, linear screen and so on. They are often used in conjunction with the ball mill to form a closed cycle.

4. What are the copper ore processing machinery mixing machinery?

The commonly used stirring machine for copper dressing is the stirring drum for mine. Its main function is to stir, add water and chemicals before the pulp enters the flotation.

5. What are copper ore processing machinery flotation machinery?

Flotation machine is commonly used in copper sorting. Commonly used are xjk flotation machine, Sf flotation machine and so on. Mechanical agitation flotation machine It is divided into agitation self-priming flotation machine and inflation-agitation flotation machine. (1) Stirring self-priming flotation machine by rotating impeller to stir pulp, the use of local formation of negative pressure zone, from the tank outside the atmosphere to breathe air, and by turbulence crushing to produce bubbles flotation machine. 2) aeration – mixing flotation machine by low pressure aeration and rotating impeller mixing pulp, the flotation machine to produce dispersed bubbles. Pneumatic flotation machine and flotation column air is dispersed into bubbles in the pulp by a certain pressure through the nozzle or porous medium.