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In the gravel production line, jaw crusher and cone crusher are commonly used crushing equipment, jaw crusher crusher crusher line in the first equipment, we have become coarse broken, cone crusher crusher crusher line in the second equipment, we become fine broken, they have their own unique function, only cooperate with each other, in order to produce sand that meets the requirements, Here’s the difference between the jaw crusher and the cone crusher:

Jaw crusher is a new generation of products successfully developed by finite element analysis method on the basis of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of traditional jaw crusher. Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, JC series jaw crusher pays more attention to the details in the design and manufacturing, uses high-strength materials and manufacturing processes, and has the advantages of higher structural strength, higher equipment reliability, larger crushing ratio, higher output, and lower comprehensive cost.

E-SMS series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts fixed spindle design, combining spindle speed, stroke and crushing chamber type, thereby improving production capacity and product quality, improving the crushing capacity, because it can form laminating crushing in the crushing process, so that the shape of the aggregate has been greatly improved.

1, crushing method: jaw crusher through the walking swing jaw plate to achieve the crushing and crushing effect of stone, the use of stone between the jaw plate by pressure and bending force broken. The cone crusher is through the conical crushing chamber, the stone is crushed, the rotor rotates in the crushing chamber, so that the stone is constantly subjected to axial and radial compression friction in the crushing chamber, and finally broken into the required fine crushed materials.

The jaw crusher is usually used for small and medium-sized crushing work, and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, building materials, roads and other industries. It is suitable for the hardness of the broken material does not exceed 320MPa, has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform discharge particle size and so on.

Jaw crusher structure diagram

The cone crusher is usually used for some materials that need to be crushed, especially for materials with high hardness and hardness and strong adhesion. It is usually used in metallurgy, construction, highway, chemical and other industries, cone crusher discharge size is smaller, crushing ratio is larger, with automatic control, lubrication system equipped, energy saving and other equipment characteristics.

Cone crusher structure diagram

Cone breaking is divided into horizontal bar cone breaking and multi-cylinder cone breaking, which are said to be the second process of sand production line equipment.

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