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Fluorite mine crusher

MoleDive One-Stop SLithium ore cone crusherolution - Production Capacity Ranging from 5 to 500 Tons Per Hour

1, jaw type fluorite crusher: jaw type fluorite crusher is mainly used for rough breaking of fluorite, and the first breaking equipment in the fluorite crushing production line, the equipment is reliable in quality, simple in structure, easy to operate, high crushing efficiency.

2, conical fluorite crusher: conical fluorite crusher is used in the production of medium and fine crushed fluorite, can fight the compressive strength of not more than 320MPa of various fluorite materials for medium and fine crushing operations, in the case of mining fluorite ore particles is not particularly large, can eliminate the coarse breaking link, directly choose conic fluorite crusher crushing.

3, impact type fluorite crusher: impact type fluorite crusher used in the fine production of fluorite, the greater advantage of the equipment is that the finished product particle shape is good, no excessive crushing phenomenon.

4, hammer fluorite crusher: hammer fluorite crusher crushing ratio is large, a piece of equipment a crushing process can reach two equipment, greatly simplifying the fluorite crushing process, saving infrastructure investment costs.

Raw Materials

MoleDive Lithium ore crusher Guide

1.What machine can crush lithium ore ?

Fluorite crusher has jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher equipment

2. How to choose a fluorite crusher?

According to the size of the fluorite, choose different machines

3..Can fluorite crusher make sand?

Fluorite crushing machine sand is not good, and a sand making machine is needed behind it