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Gold ball mill

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The main structure of gold ball mill includes feeding device, supporting device, rotating part, discharging device and transmission device. The main working part of the gold mine ball mill is a low speed rotating cylinder mounted horizontally on the bearing, and the grinding body is installed in the cylinder; The supporting device of the mill shall bear the load of the rotating part of the mill, the grinding body and the material during the movement or at rest; The bearing base is the stressed part of the bearing seat, and the bearing base has cast steel structure and welded structure.

When the cylinder is rotating, the grinding body is lifted by the lining plate of the inner wall of the cylinder due to the action of friction and centrifugal force. When it is lifted to a certain height, it is free to fall or throw by gravity. When falling, the abrasive body will break the material inside the cylinder. In addition to the cyclic movement of the grinding body in the rotating mill, it will also slide and roll, resulting in the grinding action between the grinding body, the liner and the material to grind the material fine. When the material is crushed and ground by impact, the material flows slowly from the feed end to the discharge end through the difference of the material surface height between the feed end and the discharge end until it is discharged out of the mill to complete the grinding operation.

Gold ball mill

1. Application of gold ball mill in gold concentrator?

For the second stage grinding

Gold ball mill is especially suitable for two-stage grinding or ultrafine grinding because of its advantages of ultra-fine grinding, high efficiency and energy saving, low installation cost and low wear.

A gold mine used Hongxing gold ball mill in the second stage grinding to carry out technical transformation of the original process, and achieved good results. After the transformation, the production capacity reached 130-140t/d. The production results show that the ball mill in Hongxing Gold mine has low power consumption, high grinding efficiency, low wear of wearing parts and vibration noise less than 85dB.

Treatment of refractory gold ores containing sulfur and arsenic

There are a lot of refractory gold resources containing sulfur and arsenic in China, but due to the lack of practical technology, a large number of such gold resources can not be fully utilized. Hongxing gold Mine ball mill has two basic characteristics of ultrafine grinding and enhanced chemical leaching, which can be used to treat some refractory gold ores containing sulfur and arsenic. The superfine grinding of Hongxing gold mine ball mill can strengthen alkali leaching, which may provide a technically feasible and economically reasonable treatment process for some refractory gold ores containing sulfur and arsenic in China.

3 Ultrafine mill for secondary utilization of gold-bearing tailings

In particular, some gold concentrate tailings, the gold content of up to 2~8g/t, if the use of gold ball mill ultrafine grinding characteristics, the secondary use of these tailings, its potential economic benefits are huge, and less investment, quick effect.