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Gold Mine Machine

Leading Manufacturer of Mining Equipment in China

MoleDive specializes in leading gold ore beneficiation/crushing equipment

MoleDive, we provide machinery for your gold ore solutions, helping you achieve gold ore beneficiation and crushing production processes. We offer various ore crushing machines to customers worldwide, starting from aggregate and sand production to various gold mine crushing productions. All our machines ensure speed, efficiency, and accuracy in your gold mining operations.

MoleDive Gold Mine Machines include jaw crushers, cone crushers, ball mills, etc., for crushing ore into the desired specifications. The ball mill grinds the crushed ore into a powder, making it suitable for subsequent ore beneficiation operations. Finally, the jigging gold separator is used to separate coarse mineral particles. With MoleDive’s machinery, we provide solutions for speed, cost-effectiveness, precision, and technical support for your gold ore crushing production company.

MoleDive boasts highly innovative technical experts, and for over a decade, we have been manufacturing and supplying machinery worldwide to meet customer needs and address production challenges.

Following is a step-by-step procedure and a list of required equipment for crushing and processing gold ore effectively and efficiently

Equipment for Crushing: The first phase in the process is crushing, which uses both jaw and cone crushers. The bigger gold ore boulders are reduced to more workable sizes by these devices.

The ore is crushed and then processed into a finer powder using a grinding mill (ball mill). This powdered substance is better suited for further processing.

The next phase is ore beneficiation, which is accomplished using a variety of methods, including jigging. When separating precious minerals from gangue or waste material, a jigging machine—also referred to as a “jig” or “jump-seam machine”—is used to take into account the density of the materials. The gold particles are concentrated by this method.

Shaking Table (Shaker): The concentrated gold is refined further using a shaking table, sometimes referred to as a shaker or gravity separator. On the basis of variations in density and particle size, it distinguishes gold from other minerals.

You can efficiently crush gold ore and separate precious minerals throughout the ore beneficiation process by using this procedure and the aforementioned equipment. As a result, the gold mining and ore processing process is efficient and effective.


Jaw crusher

To be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics and other industrial sectors for medium and fine crushing of a variety of medium hard ores and rocks. Compared with traditional jaw crusher, 6CX series European jaw crusher produced by our company pays more attention to details in design and manufacturing, adopts high-strength materials, advanced manufacturing process, with higher structural strength, higher equipment reliability, larger crushing ratio, higher output, longer service life, lower overall cost advantages

Cone crusher

CP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used for metal ore and construction sand and stone processing in the second stage crushing and three stage crushing link, because of its crushing capacity, large output, more used for the crushing of hard materials.

Ball mill

Applicable condition
Cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramics, etc.;
Processing material
Limestone, calcite, fly ash, calcium carbide desulfurization, kaolin, calcium carbonate, coal gangue, gypsum, slag powder, slag powder, pulverized coal, bentonite, barite, marble, talc, refractory.
Production capacity: 0.25-100t/h

Production Process of Gold Mine Machine

Aggregate Crusher

Material feed into the hopper by excavator, high pressure water released and wash the mineral, then, mineral by forward into the drum. It is lifted up by the rotation and aerated as it fall back down. This finer material passes through the screen openings while the large material tumbles towards its eventually exit at the real of the drum. After that, the final mineral and water go through the sluice bow which is consist with gold grass mat. The no use mineral are washed out and the gold are caught by the gold grass mat. China supplier mobile screen river gold washing machine trommel

Gold Separator Gold Ore Processing Equipment Gold Washing

Flotation beneficiation is a sorting method based on different physical and chemical properties of the mineral particles Flotation is widely used in fine-grained disseminated metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals, chemicals and other mineral soring. Another important area which widely use flotation is to reduce ash and fine-grained pyritein the coal . Process of flotation beneficiation 1. Ore crushing 2. The crushed material was sent to ball mill for grinding. 3. Classified granule with unsuitable size will be sent back to the ball mill , while suitable ones will be sent to the flotation system. 4.Some medicament agent will be added to separate target material from others. 5.After going through the flotation system , they will be concentrated and filter pressed, and then get the final products 6.The whole process is finished.

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The warranty for our machine is one year longer than the warranty provided by other factories.

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FAQ Guide of Gold Mine Machine

1. what machines are used to mine gold?

Equipment for Crushing: Start by crushing the gold-bearing ore. For this use, MoleDive provides jaw crushers and cone crushers that were especially created.

Grinding mills: The ore needs to be processed further into a fine powder after being crushed. MoleDive offers ball mills and grinding mills for this.

MoleDive provides centrifugal concentrators and shaking tables that employ gravity to extract gold particles from other ore minerals. For the concentration of ore, these devices are essential.

Leaching Tanks: MoleDive can supply cyanidation tanks for gold leaching, depending on the kind of ore. The effective extraction of gold from the ore is aided by this procedure.

Additional Equipment: MoleDive may provide additional mechanical equipment to satisfy your demands for gold mining and ore processing based on your unique specifications.

The crushing, extraction, and recovery of gold from ore is streamlined and improved by MoleDive’s equipment, increasing the efficiency and profitability of your gold mining operations.

2. What is the process of gold processing plant?

A gold processing plant normally goes through a number of major phases, which might change based on the kind of ore and particular operating needs. Here is a general description of what happens:

Gold ore is first crushed into smaller bits to start the process. To make the ore more workable, this is frequently done using cone crushers or jaw crushers.

The crushed ore is then treated further using grinding mills. The ore must be ground into a fine powder in order for future gold extraction procedures to have easier access to it.

Gravity Separation: Gold is separated from other minerals in the ore by gravity separation. A variety of tools, including centrifugal concentrators and shaking tables, can be used to accomplish this. The idea is to take advantage of the fact that gold has a higher specific gravity than other minerals.

Leaching: In some circumstances, gravity alone is unable to easily separate gold. Gold is extracted from the ore using chemical procedures like cyanidation. A cyanide solution is added to the ground ore, aiding in the dissolution of the gold. In leaching tanks, this procedure is carried out.

Activated carbon is used in the Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) and Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) processes to absorb and extract the gold from the cyanide solution. The gold is subsequently recovered by stripping the loaded carbon.

Gold is extracted from the cyanide solution via the electrochemical method of electrowinning. A cathode attracts gold ions, which are then reduced and left as solid gold deposits.

Smelting: Smelting can be used to further purify gold from select high-grade ores. High temperatures are used to remove the impurities from the gold in the substance that contains gold.

Refining: The gold must be refined in order to reach the necessary purity level. This might involve procedures like cupellation or further refinement techniques.

Gold Bullion: The end product of these procedures is usually gold bullion, which can then be transformed into a variety of shapes, such as bars, coins, or other industrial goods.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the precise procedures and tools employed might change depending on elements including the kind of ore, its grade, and the size of the gold processing facility. Design and operation of gold processing plants are heavily influenced by environmental and safety concerns.

3. What machines are used to mine gold?

Crushing and Screening: Crushers (such as jaw crushers and cone crushers), vibrating screens (including linear screens and circular vibrating screens).

Grinding and Classification: Grinding mills (such as ball mills, rod mills, and autogenous mills), classifiers (like spiral classifiers and hydrocyclones).

Separation Equipment: For placer gold, typically gravity separation methods are used (such as shaking tables, jig machines, spiral chutes). For gold ores, flotation is employed (using flotation machines). Gold extraction through cyanidation involves equipment like agitation tanks, desorption and electrolysis equipment, zinc powder displacement devices, carbon screening, and air lifters.

Dewatering Equipment: Concentrators, filtering machines, dewatering screens, and pressure filters, among others.

4. What is a gold mining machine called?

Common terms for a mining machine used in the extraction of gold include “gold mining machine” and “mining machine.” These machines can be of a broad range of types and functions, such as those used for exploring, extracting, drilling, crushing, grinding, or processing gold-bearing ores or alluvial deposits. Crushers, mills, dredges, sluice boxes, trommels, concentrators, and other particular types of gold mining equipment are among those with specialized functions in the gold mining process.