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HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Feed size: 0-560mm

Production capacity: 45-2130 tons/hour

Applicable materials: granite, diabase, basalt, river pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ore and non-metallic ore, etc

HST series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher work, the motor through the belt pulley and triangle belt drive equipment drive shaft rotation, the drive shaft through the size of the bevel gear drive eccentric sleeve rotation, the moving cone through the spindle under the action of eccentric sleeve to do pendulum movement, so that the moving cone and fixed cone sometimes close to, sometimes away from the rolling mortar wall. The material is constantly squeezed and impacted in the crushing chamber between the rolling mortar wall and the crusher, and the broken material is discharged from the lower part.

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone is equipped with automatic control system to realize manual control, constant discharge port control, constant power control and other operation modes for users to choose; It can continuously monitor the actual load inside the crusher and automatically adjust the equipment, so as to play the ideal cone breaking performance.
HST hydraulic cone crusher has a variety of standard crushing chamber types to choose from, which can fully meet the production needs of two-stage crushing, three-stage crushing and four-stage crushing after coarse crushing of jaw crusher.


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