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Limestone production line basic process:
First, the stones blown down from the mountain are uniformly fed into the jaw crusher through the feeder for preliminary crushing, and the semi-finished products after coarse crushing are transported to the impact crusher for further crushing through the belt conveyor, and the stones after secondary crushing are transported to the vibrating screen to separate stones of different specifications through the belt conveyor, and the stones meeting the granularity requirements of customers are transported to the finished material pile through the belt conveyor. Larger than the size of the upper screen, the stone is returned to the impact crusher through the belt conveyor to break again, forming a closed cycle.

Limestone production line performance:
The limestone production line has high crushing efficiency, low power consumption, strong adaptability (especially for medium hard brittle materials), large crushing ratio, simplified production process and saved investment. Phoenix provides customers with comprehensive process solutions and technical support, and can also design non-standard supporting parts according to customers’ actual installation conditions.

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