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Lithium ore crusher

MoleDive One-Stop Lithium ore crusher Solution - Production Capacity Ranging from 5 to 500 Tons Per Hour

Lithium ore cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of raw materials in metallurgical construction, road chemistry and silicate industry, and can break various ores and rocks of medium and medium hardness. Lithium cone crusher crushing ratio of high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product particle size, suitable for crushing and fine crushing all kinds of ore, rock.

Lithium ore cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl shaft bracket and transmission. The auxiliary part is composed of an electrical system, a thin oil lubrication system and a hydraulic cavity cleaning system. The fixed cone assembly is mainly composed of adjusting sleeve, rolling wall, etc., the moving cone assembly is mainly composed of the main shaft, moving cone, crushing wall, etc., and the transmission part is mainly composed of large belt wheel, drive shaft, small bevel gear, large bevel gear, etc.


Raw Materials

MoleDive Lithium ore crusher Guide

1.What machine can crush lithium ore ?

Lithium ores extracted from mines are very lumpy. The maximum size of the ore block out of the open pit mining is 1000mm~1500mm, and the maximum size of the lithium ore block out of the underground mining is 300mm~600mm. The ore with such a large block can not be directly sorted, because the useful lithium ore and useful minerals, lithium ore and gangue minerals are closely symbiosis. In order to separate them from each other, that is, to achieve monomer separation, after the lithium ore is sent to the sorting plant, the ore is first crushed to a certain particle size, and then sent to the mill for grinding. The type of crusher used in the lithium ore concentrator mainly depends on the nature of the ore, the production capacity of the lithium ore concentrator and the particle size of the crushing product. The coarse crushing operation of lithium ore generally adopts the jaw crusher or the rotary crusher. Medium and fine crusher use standard and short-head cone crusher, in a few cases, there is also the use of roll crusher crushing. The treatment of loose lithium ore is generally broken by crusher with impact effect (such as impact crusher and hammer crusher).

2. What is the screening process of lithium ore?

The process by which loose lithium ore is divided into different particle grades through screens is called screening. In lithium ore concentrator, screening is mostly combined with crushing operation. Before the lithium ore enters a certain section of the crusher, the qualified product that has met the requirements is separated in advance. It can not only prevent the overcrushing of lithium ore, but also high crusher productivity. When the lithium ore contains high water content and more powder ore, it can also avoid the blockage of the crusher. When the ore is broken by the crusher, the application of screening to check the particle size of the broken product, so that the unqualified large lithium ore particles are returned to the crushing operation and broken again, this screening is called inspection screening. It can give full play to the capacity of the crusher.

3..What is the lithium ore grinding process?

Grinding is the continuation of the crushing process of lithium ore, the purpose of which is to make all or most of the useful mineral particles in the ore reach monomer separation, in order to carry out sorting, and make its particle size meet the requirements of the sorting operation. Lithium ore grinding operations are usually carried out in a cylindrical mill, which is usually filled with grinding media, such as steel balls, steel rods or gravel. The mill for loading steel balls (or iron balls) is a ball mill; The steel rod is the rod mill; Gravel is loaded by gravel mill. If the mill does not contain other media and only uses the ore to grind itself, it is called a mediumless mill or an autogenous mill; An appropriate amount of steel ball is added to the autogenous mill to form the so-called semi-autogenous mill. The specifications of the mill are expressed as the diameter of the cylinder multiplied by the length. The lithium ore grinding operation is mainly wet grinding, and it is generally closed cycle with mechanical classifier, and the medium is used to impact and grind the lithium ore.