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This section is to briefly introduce the crusher equipment, cone crusher crusher, medium granularity crusher. In this industry, the crushing equipment mainly refers to the crushing machine, that is, the crushing equipment that mainly crushes the stone ore into a medium particle size. The concept of medium particle size is a little vague for some people who do not know much about it, but it is not a strange concept in the sand crushing industry. If you are interested in sand production line or sand sales industry, you can call us to find out what equipment is needed for a new sand plant and how much investment is required.

At present, the types of crushers in the market are very many, can be distinguished from many aspects, according to the size of the crushing to distinguish, the crusher can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing crusher equipment three kinds, of which the medium crushing equipment because of its definition is not particularly clear, here the author briefly introduces the coarse crusher, medium crushing machine, Fine crusher and other commonly used these crushing equipment.

Rough crusher refers to the equipment that breaks the finished material in about 50mm, which is generally applied in the early stage of the crushing production line, and is the first stage of material crushing. At present, the main rough crusher in the market is:
1, Hubei coarse crushing crusher

Jaw crusher refers to the use of jaw plate extrusion to complete the crushing process of materials, the huge large stone broken into small pieces of stone, belongs to the main crusher equipment in the crushing production line, as the main crusher equipment is generally a large jaw crusher, small jaw crusher can not bear the role of coarse crushing production, can only bear the role of fine crushing. Because of the strength of its production is relatively large, in the choice of jaw crusher should choose more robust equipment, only in this way can the production for a long time.
2, cone crusher

Cone crusher structure is more complex, is also a relatively high cost of a crushing equipment. Some people think that the cone crusher is not classified as a medium crusher in the following introduction, how to become a coarse crusher here? As a crushing equipment that can adjust the size of the discharge particle size, the cone crusher can achieve a variety of particle size discharge, but mainly as a second crushing operation, rarely like the jaw crusher as a first breaking equipment, if you do not understand this, you can also call us at any time. Cone crusher is driven by the gear eccentric sleeve, eccentric sleeve drive for periodic pendulum movement, the material to complete the lamination crushing, it uses advanced lubrication system to ensure the long-term stable operation of the lubrication parts, but because of its structure precision, the overall cost is much higher than other similar equipment.

3, impact crusher

Impact crusher is the use of huge impact force to break the material, crusher crushing material crushing ratio is relatively large, there are multi-level crushing chamber can accommodate more materials into, suitable for large materials of coarse crushing, generally used with jaw crusher.

Here is a brief introduction to cone breaking, at present, most of China’s concentrators are using the traditional crushing process and traditional cone crusher, and most have been used for many years, due to the relatively heavy burden of the enterprise, unable to invest a lot of money to comprehensively update the process and crusher, it is impossible to buy new models, Therefore, what they need is to optimize the working condition parameters to increase the annual processing capacity as much as possible, and to carry out technical transformation with less investment to reduce the equipment maintenance consumption.

First of all, we first understand the working principle of the cone crusher, the cone crusher is mainly used for the various hardness of the ore, fine crushing, it is mainly composed of the frame part, the transmission part, the empty eccentric shaft, the bowl bearing, the cone crushing part, the adjustment device, the adjustment sleeve, the spring and the adjustment of the discharge port with the hydraulic station and other parts. Crusher work, the motor through the horizontal shaft and a pair of conical gear drive eccentric shaft sleeve rotation, the crushing cone axis line in the eccentric shaft sleeve forced to do rotating pendulum movement, so that the surface of the crushing wall is sometimes close to, sometimes leave the surface of the rolling wall, so that the ore in the crushing chamber constantly squeezed and bent to be broken.

Medium crusher, cone crusher crusher, medium granularity crusher is a lot of sand mill crushing production line often used equipment, understanding the type and use of medium crusher, for the entire production line crushing efficiency has an important role. The crushing process in any crushing equipment can be regarded as a conversion process from the particle size of the product to be reduced. In the cone crusher, the material is quickly discharged in the crushing chamber only for a short stay, so it can be regarded as a static process, therefore, can be used to describe the crushing process with a matrix model independent of time, focusing on the cone crusher sealing system, lubrication system and the improvement of the wearing parts cone bushing, can significantly improve production efficiency and economic benefits. Please call us for specific information or request information.


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