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Metallurgical impact crusher

MoleDive One-Production

Impact crusher is suitable for mining, metallurgy, cement, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower and other industries, crushing compressive strength does not exceed 350MPa of hard rock, brittle particle materials, especially for highway hydropower station projects such as the use of aggregates, fabrics and artificial sand, such as basalt, river pebbles, granite, hard lime and other hard material crushing.

Working principle of impact crusher

The stone material falls directly into the high-speed rotating turntable from the upper part of the counterattack breaking machine; Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, the flying stones scattered around the turntable with another part in the umbrella form produce high-speed collision and high-density crushing, and the stones will form eddy currents between the turntable and the housing after striking each other, resulting in multiple mutual blows, friction and crushing, and discharged from the lower straight through. Form a closed loop multiple cycles, by the screening equipment control to achieve the required particle size.

CS Simons Cone Crusher

1. Broken stone with 1315 counterattack, what are the advantages of broken stone processing?

Broken stone with 1315 counterattack, what are the advantages of broken stone processing? Stone is an indispensable and important raw material for all kinds of engineering construction projects, roads, houses, water conservancy and other need a large number of high-quality stone, many large infrastructure projects in the area of the stone factory, quarry are stepping up production, the production of stone crusher and other equipment needed to naturally become the focus of investor attention.
Impact crusher, the full name of the impact crusher, belongs to a kind of stone crusher, in the mining rock crushing production line is used in the two-stage crushing process, that is, in the crushing stage, and the crushing process can be shaped for the aggregate, the finished stone particle shape is better, less needle flake content, is the first choice for the production of high standard construction sand and stone aggregate crusher. Yumine 1315 counterattack break the maximum feed size of 350mm, production capacity of 120-250 tons/hour, the technical level has reached the international advanced, the use of keyless connection process, plate hammer imported high chromium parts, hard rock crushing wear less, unique structure of the counterattack liner, from every design detail to maximize the service life of the relevant parts of the equipment, To ensure the continuous normal production of customers.