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Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crushers offer a 40% to 60% increase in operational efficiency compared to stationary crushers.

Practical problems like the difficult setup of fixed production lines, the unpleasant migration of sites, and the incapacity to function in wet weather are substantially addressed by the MoleDive Mobile Cone Crusher. It generates well-graded, superior-quality manufactured sand and has an impressive 40%–60% improvement in efficiency over fixed equipment. For high-standard sand projects, such as roads, high-speed trains, airport runways, and more, it is the usual option.

MoleDive Mobile Cone Crusher finds its main use in the mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, environmental protection, and other sectors. It can crush any kind of material, including rocks, ores, and building waste. It is particularly useful for moving stone operations in applications like hydropower projects, railroads, and highways, which lowers production costs for our clients.

Raw Materials

              Mobile cone crusher accessories

      Stone cone crusher housing

        Stone cone crusher construction

MoleDive Sand Washing Plant Guide

Chapter 1:

一、How to Choose a Sand Washing Machine?

Material Type: Determine the type of material you need to wash. Different materials require specific washing processes and machine features. Capacity: Evaluate the volume of the material you intend to process. Choose a machine with an appropriate capacity to efficiently meet your production needs. Water Supply: Consider the availability and quality of water during the washing process. Some machines have water recycling features to reduce water consumption. Type of Impurities: Identify the type of impurities present in the material. Some washing machines are designed to target specific impurities or pollutants. Space and Installation: Assess the available space for installation. Some machines are designed for compact spaces, while others may require more room. Automation and Controls: Check for automation features and control options. Advanced machines can offer automation to improve efficiency and ease of operation. Maintenance Requirements: Evaluate the maintenance needs of the machine. Choose a model with manageable maintenance requirements to ensure consistent performance. Cost and Budget: Consider your budget limitations. Compare the features and functionalities of different machines to find one that provides the best value for your investment. Remember to consult with MoleDive for personalized recommendations based on your specific application and requirements.
Chapter 2:

What is the Working Principle of a Sand Washing Machine

  • When the sand washing machine is in operation, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly through a triangular belt, reducer, and gear reduction. The sand and gravel enter the washing tank through the feeding chute, where they are tumbled and mutually ground under the driving force of the impeller. This process removes impurities covering the surface of the sand and disrupts the water vapor layer enveloping the sand grains, facilitating dewatering.

    Simultaneously, water is added to create a powerful water flow, promptly carrying away impurities and lightweight foreign materials, which are then discharged from the overflow outlet of the washing tank, completing the cleaning process. The cleaned sand and gravel are carried away by the blades, and eventually, the sand is poured into the discharge chute from the rotating impeller, completing the washing proces

Chapter 3:

Configuration of MoleDive Sand Washing Machine

  • Configuration of the MoleDive Sand Washing Machine:

    A professional piece of machinery, the MoleDive sand washing machine is made to satisfy a variety of engineering requirements. The MoleDive sand cleaning machine comes in the following primary configurations:

    Motor System: The washing machine has an effective motor system that rotates the impeller gently to wash the sand. It is powered by a belt, reducer, and gear reduction devices.

    Impeller Design: An essential part of the sand washing machine is the impeller. MoleDive efficiently removes contaminants from the sand’s surface by gradual rolling and mutual grinding, which are made possible by a thoroughly thought-out impeller construction.

    Feeding Trough: To guarantee that sand enters the washing trough uniformly and facilitate efficient cleaning, the washing machine is outfitted with a professional feeding trough.

    Cleaning System: The washing machine has a state-of-the-art cleaning system that generates a strong water flow to quickly remove small foreign items and pollutants. They are released via the overflow exit, guaranteeing the sand’s purity.

    Dewatering System: In addition to cleaning, the washing machine dehydrates the sand, increasing its use.

    Discharge Chute: The sand is eventually released from the revolving impeller into the discharge chute following cleaning, making it easier to collect and utilize later.

    The MoleDive sand washing machine effectively cleans sand using various combinations, guaranteeing that it satisfies requirements for use in concrete, construction, and other technical domains.