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Processing material: molybdenum ore
Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, ball mill, spiral classifier, mixing bucket, flotation machine, thickener, etc

Introduction of molybdenum ore processing technology

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process is mainly flotation. In the selection of molybdenum ores containing trace amounts of copper, some mixed-priority flotation processes are used. The specific flow of molybdenum ore processing process is as follows:

Three crushing process, respectively, coarse crushing, secondary crushing and fine crushing;

The vibrating feeder evenly feeds the ore and sends the ball mill to crush.

2. Secondary ball mill grinding.

3. Mix rough selection

It is carried out under rough grinding conditions, and the coarse concentrate obtained is further selected after re-grinding. The amount of regrinding concentrate is small, which can realize the separation of mineral monomer, and save energy, reduce energy consumption by 30%, and increase the recovery rate by more than 10% while obtaining high-grade and high-recovery concentrate.

4. Grading homework.

The materials and chemical agents are sent into the mixing bucket to stir fully, and the flotation machine is sent for flotation operation. The reagent system of the roughing section is strictly implemented, the dosage of the reagent is controlled, and the early harvest is realized. The secondary enrichment effect of the foam that reduces multiple cycles and useless losses is fully utilized, and the concentrate foam is properly washed without water.

Molybdenum ore processing equipment.

1. Jaw crusher is a crushing equipment for molybdenum ore processing process.

In order to achieve good grinding effect and improve flotation accuracy, two-stage crushing processing is generally adopted. First of all, after the large molybdenum ore dressing process is coarse crushed in the jaw crusher, it is evenly sent to the impact crusher for further medium and fine crushing treatment, and then the circular vibrating screen is reasonably screened into various specifications, unqualified materials are returned to the crushing, and the qualified materials are sent to the next step.

2. Molybdenum ore ball mill is a grinding equipment for molybdenum ore beneficiation process.

The processing capacity of molybdenum ore dressing ball mill is 0.65-615t/h, and the feeding size is less than 25mm. The function of molybdenum ore ball mill is to separate gangue from molybdenum ore by grinding.

3. Spiral classifier is a classification equipment for molybdenum ore processing process

The molybdenum pulp grinding by the ball mill in the molybdenum ore production line is sent to the spiral classifier for grading, the qualified pulp goes into the silo, and the unqualified one is returned to the ball mill for re-grinding.

4. Flotation machine is the flotation equipment of molybdenum ore processing process

It is recommended to choose XJK, SF or JJF flotation machines for molybdenum ore production line. Flotation is an important operation process in molybdenum ore dressing process, so the process requirements should be strictly followed in the operation process to ensure the quality of molybdenum concentrate.

5. Thickener is a dewatering equipment for molybdenum ore processing process

Flotation molybdenum concentrate contains water, need to enter the concentrator for initial concentration dehydration, here need to use the concentrator



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