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PF impact crusher

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PE impact crusher is a kind of energy-saving crushing equipment, which is characterized by crushing operation can make full use of the energy of the whole rotor, relying on the high-speed rotating plate hammer to strike and throw the material repeatedly impact the impact plate, and the impact between the materials makes the material get multiple impacts and broken, so the crushing ratio is large, and has the selective crushing effect. Its products are mostly cube, uniform particle size. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, coke and other industrial sectors to break limestone, dolomite, shale, coal, asbestos rock and other operations.

Raw Materials

MoleDive PE impact crusher millGuide

1.1214 impact crusher capacity is how big

Impact crusher is a crushing equipment that is widely used in the secondary fine crushing processing stage of medium and soft materials. Its models and configurations are diverse, and can be flexibly applied to the production capacity needs of various small, medium and large production lines. Among them, the more popular model is 1214 impact crusher. Today, we will follow Xiaobian into 1214 impact breaker to understand its performance advantages and countermeasures in emergencies.
First, 1214 impact crusher performance

Feed port size: 400*1430mm

【 Feed size 】 : 350mm

[Processing capacity] : 80~180t/h

[Power] : 6P 132KW

[Equipment weight] 22.4t

【 Size 】2650x2460x2800mm

1214 impact crusher has many advantages

Close-up view of 1214 impact crusher

1214 counterattack is the counterattack of PF series, which has large crushing ratio, uniform crushing size, cubic shape of finished particles, low fine powder content and dust content. In addition, its discharge particle size can also be adjusted in many ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the counter plate and the plate hammer.

In addition, the capacity of the equipment is the part that we focus on, and it is also an important factor that directly affects the subsequent production. 1214 impact crusher production capacity between 80-180t/h, basically can meet the vast majority of investors on the production requirements, in fact, there are many factors affecting the production capacity, in addition to the performance of the equipment itself, the humidity of the material, viscosity, hardness, the worker’s operational proficiency, the production process of the manufacturer will have a certain degree of impact on the production capacity. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular and reliable manufacturer with guaranteed quality.
Second, 1214 counterattack to break common faults and maintenance methods

The common failure of impact crusher is divided into two categories: material blockage and rotor fracture

Causes and solutions of material blockage:

1. The material humidity is high

Reduce the water content of the material by pre-heating the counter plates and feed ports, installing drying equipment, or sunning the material.

2. Material is too strong or too large

Clear the applicable material of the impact crusher in advance, the material outside the crushing range will not only cause blockage, increase energy consumption, but also cause wear of the equipment; Secondly, we should pay attention to the connection between the machines, and the specifications of the material broken at the first level should meet the feed specifications at the next level, so that the feed can be smoothly and not blocked.

3. Feed speed is too fast or discharge speed is too slow

In the process of feeding and discharging, it is necessary to pay attention to the Angle of rotation of the ammeter pointer, adjust the feed speed and the size of the discharge port according to the processing capacity of the machine, and avoid the overload of the machine.

Material humidity, hardness, whether the material is blocked or not has a great impact

Common material clogging causes

Rotor fracture causes and solutions:

As the most consumed part of the impact crusher, the rotor will occasionally break. The reasons include but are not limited to the manufacturing defects of the rotor steel bar, the different fastening strength of the bolt leads to the different stress of the steel bar, the fault of the excessively stressed part, etc. The more secure measure is to replace it, but if the project is in a tight time period, the two protection welding can be used at the crack. Weld the same reinforcement plate on both sides of the fractured reinforcement plate and the reinforcement plate at the opposite position, and consider the subbalance of the rotation when welding.

On weekdays, we should pay attention to daily maintenance, and regularly inject lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the rotor.

There are many reasons for rotor fracture, so it is necessary to solve the problem according to the actual situation

2. What is the difference between impact crusher and hammer crusher? Which device is more popular?

Impact crusher and hammer crusher are similar in appearance, and both belong to impact crusher, so many customers can not distinguish between the two equipment. So, here is to introduce the respective characteristics of these two crushers to help you distinguish and buy.
Difference between impact crusher and hammer crusher

1. Appearance

There are two series of hammer crusher, respectively, small hammer break and heavy hammer break, here we say the shape is more like the impact crusher, referring to the heavy hammer crusher. The front of the hammer crusher and the impact crusher are more like, the difference on the back is more obvious, the back of the hammer crusher is a smooth arc, and the back of the impact crusher is angular.

Comparison between hammer crusher and impact crusher

Comparison between hammer crusher and impact crusher

2. Applicable materials

Impact crusher is mainly used for crushing materials whose particle size does not exceed 500mm and compressive strength does not exceed 350MPa, such as granite, limestone, concrete, etc. The hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness stone with compressive strength less than 200MPa.

Comparison of materials between hammer crusher and impact crusher

Comparison of materials between hammer crusher and impact crusher

3, discharge particle size

By adjusting the distance between the counter frame and the plate hammer, the discharge is controlled, and the minimum is not less than 15ml. Normally, the material broken by the counter is less than 60mm; Hammer crusher is to control the discharge particle size by adjusting the grate or the spacing between the liner and the hammer head, and the grate is easy to be blocked.

4. Plate hammer and hammer head

Only a few plate hammers are installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, which is easy to replace; The broken hammer head can reach dozens at most, and the replacement is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, the shape and size of the plate hammer and hammer head are also different.

3..pf1010 impact crusher capacity size, configuration?

Mainly deal with variable length of 100 to 500 mm of materials, strong compression ability, for a variety of hardness of the ore can be easily broken, pf1010 impact crusher is a more commonly used model, pf1010 impact crusher is often used in all kinds of stone crushing operations, and jaw crusher crushing production line. pf1010 impact crusher capacity, configuration to specific problem specific analysis.

First, pf1010 impact crusher capacity

pf1010 impact crusher capacity between 50-90 tons per hour, pf1010 impact crusher is a small impact crusher, power of 4P45-55kw, pf1010 impact crusher is widely used in crushing

Granite, quartzite, gypsum, ceramics, coal gangue, bauxite, garnet, copper ore, calcite and other materials, pf1010 impact crusher discharge particle size between 5-10mm, the finished product particle size adjustment is convenient, more smooth discharge, in actual production, pf1010 impact crusher capacity is also affected by user operation, If it can be operated according to the regulations, timely maintenance and regular maintenance, the life of the equipment will be greatly extended, and the production capacity will not decline.

PF1010 impact crusher is a commonly used equipment for second breaking
Two, pf1010 impact crusher configuration

pf1010 impact crusher using impact, collision, throwing, shearing and other methods for fine processing of stone, affordable price, small system supporting power, good processing aggregate particle shape, powder material ≤20%, discharge particle size adjustable, easy operation and maintenance, crushing ratio, crushing strength, crushing strength. The configuration of pf1010 impact crusher should be fully combined with the processing needs of users, pf1010 impact crusher is not run alone, but also combined with the production capacity and discharge of the entire production line.

Impact crusher production site

If you want to configure pf1010 impact crusher with reliable performance, high production capacity and reasonable price, you can choose some old impact crusher manufacturers located in low price areas, such manufacturers have more mature production experience, and prices and labor costs are an important part of the impact cost, pf1010 impact crusher quotation will also be reduced, which is for manufacturers, It is also a competitive advantage, for users, more affordable, reliable quality pf1010 impact crusher equipment can be purchased.
Three, pf1010 impact crusher manufacturers

When purchasing pf1010 impact crusher, we must first shop around, compare the quotation of the manufacturer, the scale of the manufacturer, after-sales and other conditions, considering a variety of factors, choose the more suitable. Learn more pf1010 impact crusher capacity, pf1010 impact crusher configuration details, you can consult Red star customer service for free, Red Star staff also invite you to visit the factory!