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1. PF1820 impact crusher weighs 64 tons, the overall size is 4471mm*3250mm*4008mm, the feed port size is 1620mm*2040mm, the feed particle size can reach 700mm, the discharge particle size is less than 50mm, the bench output is 550-800 tons/hour, equipped with 710Kw motor, The finishing crushing ratio is large, the crushing efficiency is high, the three-stage crushing is changed to two-stage crushing, the production process is simplified, the equipment investment is small, the civil construction cost is low, so as to reduce the investment cost for customers;

2, PF1820 impact crusher machine design adopts the concept of “stone beating stone” cleavage crushing, the crushing chamber is densely suspended material layer, the subsequent material into the crusher, after hitting the plate hammer like a bullet target, shot into the dense material layer, the material between the high-speed impact to produce high efficiency cleavage crushing, after crushing qualified material discharged out of the machine. Due to the use of this design concept, the direct wear between the hammer and the material is greatly reduced, the service life of the hammer is improved, and the operating cost is reduced for customers.

3, PF1820 impact crusher shell design using finite element analysis technology, optimize the overall structure of the equipment, make it more reasonable, the shell using Anshan iron and steel plant production of steel plate, quality assurance, not easy to bend, deformation, so that the shell service life is longer, thereby improving the service life of the whole machine;

4, the core component of PF1820 impact crusher rotor – spindle adopts military high-strength artillery steel, vacuum smelting, steel strength is high, strong folding, not easy to wear and bend, before leaving the factory to carry out dynamic and static balance test on the rotor, check the balance of the crusher rotor, to prevent the equipment in operation vibration. The surface of the rotor hammer plate adopts WHM “two-step method” superhard welding technology, surfacing wear-resistant electrode, the service life of the hammer frame can be increased by more than 30%, the rotor bearing is selected from Sweden’s international well-known brand SKF bearing, the bearing quality is good, the service life is long, and the equipment is stable, which makes the service life of the whole rotor longer;

5. The plate hammer of PF1820 impact crusher adopts the patented “big gold tooth” alloy plate hammer independently developed by Zhengzhou Dingsheng Company, which is characterized by casting tungsten titanium alloy on the matrix of Mn18Cr2 plate hammer. The hardness of tungsten titanium alloy is second only to diamond, the material is basically no wear, and the advantage is more obvious when dealing with materials with high silica content. The service life is 1-2 times higher than that of other plate mallets, and the cost performance of plate mallets is improved.

6, PF1820 impact crusher impact plate, the whole tooth plate adopts full hydraulic control, when there is iron and other foreign matter into the crushing chamber will automatically shrink, discharged out of the machine, to avoid damage to the crusher’s plate hammer, thereby improving the equipment operating rate, reduce maintenance costs;

7, the external design of the crusher shell has a gap adjustment device, according to the wear of the plate hammer, the use of adjustment device, timely adjust the distance between the plate hammer and the rotor, so as to ensure the stability of the discharge particle size, improve the utilization rate of the plate hammer, and the whole tooth plate structure, can adjust and shape the aggregate particle size, the material size is close to the cuboid, in line with the requirements of GB-14684 high-quality aggregate. Improve product quality;

8. The rotor bearing and motor bearing of PF1820 impact crusher are equipped with temperature measuring device, which is convenient for monitoring in the central control room. When the bearing temperature is abnormal, it can be stopped for inspection and maintenance in time to ensure the normal operation of the bearing, extend the service life of the bearing and improve the equipment operation rate;

9, PF1820 impact crusher shell with hydraulic device on both sides, you can open the shell cover, convenient rotor maintenance, in addition, because PF1820 crusher plate hammer is relatively heavy, disassembly, replacement is very inconvenient, so equipped with hydraulic disassembly frame, convenient plate hammer replacement, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, improve labor efficiency;

10, PF1820 impact crusher pulley is equipped with a belt protective cover, to avoid the belt pulley accidental injury to the operator, to ensure the personal safety of the operator, to avoid unnecessary expenses due to accidents;

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