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Sand is divided into two types, natural sand and artificial sand. Machine-made sand is what people call artificial sand. Artificial sand refers to the rock particles that are crushed and screened into fine sand by crushing equipment through soil removal treatment of pebbles, river pebbles, quartz stone, granite, limestone, basalt, etc.

The particle size of artificial sand is generally controlled below 4.75mm (excluding particles of soft rock and weathered rock). Usually the equipment to achieve material crushing and sand making is called the crusher and sand making machine. The whole process is called machine-made sand production line, also known as sand production line.




Natural sand refers to rock particles with a particle size below 5mm formed under natural conditions.
Generally speaking, as long as the stone is not too hard or too soft, sand can be made, such as: river pebbles, granite, basalt, quartz stone, iron ore, diabase, pebbles, coal gangue and so on. Because of the wide distribution of river pebbles, basalt, blue stone and other materials, it is also a more common sand making raw material.
Sand making machine equipment
What sand making equipment is needed for the production mechanism sand?
Take river pebble sand making as an example; First of all, the raw materials dug from the river or the Gobi desert are large and small, and it is necessary to configure a jaw break when designing the production line to carry out rough crushing operation. The jaw breaks the material below 15 cm into the cone break, the cone breaks the material below 4 cm into the vertical shaft impact break (commonly known as the sand making machine), the finished product is recycled through the unqualified finished product screening, the qualified through the sand washing machine dewatering screen into the finished product warehouse, and the waste water is recycled through sewage treatment. So a production line was built.

Production mechanism Which sand making equipment is needed

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