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Processing material: pyrite
Equipment configuration: Jig, shaker, jaw crusher, cone crusher, feeder, ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine, dewatering screen, etc

Introduction to pyrite beneficiation technology

The main component of pyrite ore is ferrous disulfide, which is the main raw material for producing sulfuric acid and plays an important role in the production of agricultural potash fertilizer. However, some enterprises and individuals still do not know much about pyrite process beneficiation, do not know how to beneficiation. As a professional manufacturer of pyrite equipment,  introduces the beneficiation methods and equipment of pyrite ore for reference!

In actual production, the pyrite process mainly uses two methods, one is the most commonly used gravity separation method, the other is the flotation method, suitable for coarse, medium and fine pyrite beneficiation process. Gravity separation technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, high mineral processing index and no pollution, and is widely used in pyrite mineral processing field. The flotation method is mainly used for the selection of fine grained impregnated pyrite. However, due to the huge investment in flotation equipment, the environment is polluted to a certain extent, and the production cost is relatively high, the application of flotation method in pyrite dressing is far less than that of gravity separation method.

Beneficiation method of pyrite process.

The pyrite process uses pyrite equipment. Let’s look at the pyrite equipment. Pyrite beneficiation equipment is a gravity beneficiation equipment, according to the specific gravity difference between pyrite and gangue beneficiation. The commonly used pyrite equipment is jig and shaker equipment. Pyrite beneficiation process commonly used pyrite beneficiation equipment is jig. Pyrite equipment Jig is the core beneficiation equipment of pyrite gravity separation process, which has ideal beneficiation effect on coarse and fine grade pyrite beneficiation. Other commonly used sulfur equipment are crusher, rod mill, dewatering screen and so on.



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