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Sand production line is mainly divided into feeding, crushing, sand making, screening, conveying five processes.

 Feeding equipment

Vibrating feeder: also known as feeder, generally used in the front end of primary crushing equipment. In the production process, bulk and granular materials can be uniformly, regularly and continuously fed from the silo into the receiving device.

Crushing equipment

primary crushing: jaw crusher is generally used for the preliminary crushing of various materials. It is used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials and transportation departments, with large crushing ratio and reliable operation.

secondary crushing: cone crusher and impact crusher are suitable for all kinds of rock and ore crushing and fine crushing, mainly used for secondary crushing in sand production line. Cone crusher is mainly used for crushing high hardness stone, strong structure, long service life; Impact crusher is mainly used for fine crushing soft stone, the product particle size is uniform, cuboid.

Sand making equipment

Sand making machine: The sand making machine is the core equipment of the entire sand making production line, which is suitable for fine grinding and molding of materials. It is generally used for three-level crushing of stone production line. The working mode of stone and iron can be freely converted to achieve a multi-purpose machine. At present, the commonly used sand making machines on the market are impact sand making machines, VSI sand making machines and 5X sand making machines.

Screen equipment

Vibrating screen: Because the sand and stone from the crusher are mixed materials, it is necessary to use a vibrating screen to screen stones of different sizes to form a reasonable gradation of sand and stone products.

Transport equipment

Belt conveyor, also known as belt conveyor or belt conveyor, has the advantages of strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., and can easily achieve program control and automatic operation. It is an indispen

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