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Stone Screening Machine

Stone Screening Machine is characterized by efficient screening and stable performance, capable of handling both stone and mineral particles with ease.

Stone Screening Machine is a device used for screening, grading, and separating stone materials. It screens, classifies, and separates raw, coarse, or mixed stones according to specific sizes to obtain stone particles that meet the required specifications. MoleDive’s automated Stone Screening Machine significantly enhances screening efficiency, saving on labor costs. It is composed of a vibrating motor, screen mesh, vibrating screen box, frame, and transmission device.


Widely utilized in construction, mining, metallurgy, and chemical industries, the Stone Screening Machine is a crucial equipment in the processing and production of stone materials. Its operational principle involves the generation of vibration forces by the vibrating motor, causing the screen mesh inside the screen box to vibrate. This, in turn, facilitates the layering and screening of stone materials on the mesh.

Raw Materials


MD ZSW-280×85450100-1607.52880×2050×21503-52800×850
MD ZSW-380×95500160-230113880×2175×19573-53800×950
MD ZSW-490×110580200-300154957×2371×21253-54900×1100
MD ZSW-590×110600200-300225957×2467×21513-55900×1100
MD ZSW-490×130750400-560224980×3277×15253-54900×1300
MD ZSW-600×130750400-560226080×3277×15253-56000×1300
MD ZSW-600×1501000500-900306080×3541×15453-56000×1500
MD ZSW-600×1801200700-1200376080×3852×17703-56000×1800
MD ZSW-600×2001400900-1800456080×4094×18103-56000×2000
MD ZSW-600×24014001500-2000756078×4511×22893-56000×2400

About Stone Screening Machine Guide

Chapter 1:

Why the Need for Stone Screening Machine

The stone screening machine is an essential equipment for the careful size sorting of stones, guaranteeing that raw materials used in manufacturing and construction satisfy strict quality standards, are consistent, and fulfill application-specific requirements. Its use not only improves resource efficiency but also optimizes operational procedures for increased accuracy and output in a variety of sectors.

1.1, Why Screen Stones

There are several uses for screening stones across different sectors.

Stone screening contributes to the creation of high-quality building and manufacturing materials by guaranteeing that materials fulfill exact size specifications.

Uniformity: Consistent size is attained with the use of screening stones, improving the end goods’ quality and uniformity.

Application Specifics: Screening is necessary to fulfill application criteria since different procedures may require stones of a certain size.

Efficiency: Stone screening equipment expedites the procedure, enabling precise and rapid separation, lowering personnel costs, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Resource Optimization: It is possible to optimize the use of resources by screening stones, guaranteeing that only stones that meet the necessary size requirements are utilized for certain purposes.

1.2, Purpose of Stone Screening

The following are the main uses of screened stones:

Development of Infrastructure and Construction: Screened stones are frequently utilized in infrastructure and construction projects, including the preparation of building materials, concrete, and road foundation.

Building Roads: For the purpose of building foundation and surfaces for roads, stones of particular sizes are essential.

Manufacturing: Glass, ceramics, and pottery are just a few of the goods that may be made with the help of screened stones.

Concrete Production: During the concrete manufacturing process, screened stones are an essential part of the preparation of concrete.

Railway Projects: Screening is necessary to guarantee that the stones used for foundations and track beds are the right size.

1.3, Working Principle of Stone Screening Machine

Stone screening machines work by using vibration to separate materials by size. The machine uses a vibration mechanism to vibrate the screen, creating a motion that separates the stone particles according to their size. The finer particles pass through the screen while the larger particles are retained, thereby grading the ore to the desired size.

Chapter 2:

How to Choose a Stone Screening Machine

Choosing a Stone Screening Machine involves considering factors such as the desired particle size, capacity requirements, material characteristics, and the specific application. It’s important to select a machine that matches the production needs, ensuring efficient and effective screening. Additionally, factors like vibration amplitude, frequency, and screen mesh design play a role in optimizing the screening process. Consulting with experts and evaluating the machine’s specifications in relation to project requirements helps make an informed decision.

Chapter 3:


In summary, MoleDive’s Stone Screening Machine is a dependable and effective solution for the grading, screening, and separation of stone materials. Because of its cutting-edge vibration technology, which guarantees efficient screening, stability, and adaptability, it can be used in a variety of mining, metallurgical, construction, and other fields. The machine’s cost-savings, automated control, and easy maintenance are some of its attributes that add to its total worth and efficacy. With a broad range of uses in the building, mining, quarrying, waste management, chemical processing, and water purification industries, the Stone Screening Machine is essential for increasing output and satisfying the various requirements of material processing in various sectors of the economy.

Chapter 4:


To sum up, crushers are essential to many different sectors. They help with trash management, construction, chemical manufacture, mineral processing, and more. Effective mineral extraction begins with the ore crushing process, which includes steps like detonating blasting, coarse crushing, fine crushing, and grinding. The chemical industry uses crushers to crush raw materials for reactions, and the construction sector uses them to manage a variety of waste products. The powerful Impact Crusher, the movable, flexible movable Crusher, the finesse-focused Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, and the versatile Hammer Crusher are just a few of the crushers that MoleDive provides. Every kind meets particular requirements, ranging from mining and building to recycling, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of contemporary crushing technology. This thorough handbook highlights the critical role that crushers play in defining industries and contributing to sustainable and effective material processing, whether they are breaking down minerals for extraction, managing construction waste, supporting chemical processes, or allowing on-site recycling.