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For hard stones, many crushing devices show helplessness, especially for harder pebbles. Although not all gravel has a strong hardness, but most crusher manufacturers are still willing to recommend the user as one of the main pebble crushing equipment, because it has a more stable and efficient performance

Goose soft stone cone crusher

Cone crusher is a relatively advanced cone crusher, widely used in the crushing of pebbles, machine sand and other pebbles. The multi-cylinder cone breaking energy is better matched with the impact crusher, mainly because its discharge port can be controlled below 40mm, and the material return is less, the feed port is up to 150mm below, and the general small stone head can be entered. And the impact crusher feed requirements are just the opposite, 40mm below, the two can be said to complement each other, strong combination.

First of all, cone crusher is widely used in building materials stores, manufacturing plants, construction engineering, energy mines, metallurgy, road construction, chemical, hydropower and other industries.

What are the advantages of multi-cylinder cone crusher crushing pebbles?

1, has a certain forming ability, processing stone particle shape is good

Hydraulic cone crusher through the use of the principle of intergranular laminar design of the special crushing chamber and its matching speed ratio, instead of the traditional single particle crushing working principle, to achieve selective crushing of the material, significantly improve the proportion of material and the content of the cube, to a large extent, reduce the needle block material.

2, hard rock crushing force is strong, high efficiency

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts the optimized structure of spindle fixed and ball staggered in the design, which greatly improves the rated power and load capacity of the hydraulic cone crusher. Combined with the locking function of the multi-cylinder, it can provide continuous and stable crushing force of the equipment and stand out in the hard rock crushing.

3, wear resistant parts durable

Wearing parts use wear-resistant alloy steel materials, such as crushing wall, crushing wall, etc., coupled with the change of crushing chamber and the protection of the material layer during laminar crushing, greatly reducing the wear of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

4, thin oil lubrication, multi-stage seal

Unique thin oil lubrication system design, while the use of high-performance non-contact labyrinth sealing dust system, effectively avoid oil circuit pollution, greatly improve the cone crusher’s service life, compared with the old oil circuit, increased by 35~82.

5, high degree of automation, easy maintenance

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be hydraulically jacked, the system can automatically discharge material, and the downtime can be reduced. Repairs that normally take two days may take half a day to complete.

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be well matched with the impact crusher to improve the efficiency of stone crushing. Everyone’s pursuit of efficiency and convenience is eternal, and multi-cylinder cone breaking machine will help more sand and stone processing enterprises achieve greater breakthroughs.

Not only goose soft stone can choose to use hydraulic cone crusher, including limestone, bluestone, page rock can choose cone crusher.

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