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There are many kinds of gravel sand production line equipment, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and supporting feeding, screening and conveying equipment. River pebble sand making is mainly for the 5-16mm gravel formed in the natural river pebble raw stone and sand stone crushing production process. The configuration of pebble sand production line equipment needs to be determined according to the requirements of raw material hardness, output, finished sand specifications and so on. The pebble sand production line adopts the configuration principle of more breaking and less grinding, high working efficiency, good discharge, combined with cleaning treatment, can quickly produce clean sand.

1. The bulk material of river pebble is uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder through the bin and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing;

2. The coarse crushed material is sifted by vibrating screen and transported by belt conveyor to cone breaking in the process of fine crushing;

3. The river pebble material is sifted by circular vibrating screen after medium fine crushing, and the material greater than or equal to 40mm is returned to the cone and broken again.

4. River pebble particles less than 40mm are sent to the sand making machine for further crushing and shaping, and materials greater than or equal to 20mm are sent back to the sand making machine for fine crushing again;

5. Materials less than 20mm are sent to the circular vibrating screen for screening and packaging. If clean river pebbles are needed, they can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning.

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