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Which machines are included in the crusher, the crusher is also called the stone breaker, which is a general term for mining equipment. Crusher generally includes these three categories of machines,

The first type is the jaw crusher, the large stone or ore into the crushing, the particles out are relatively large, about 20 centimeters. The second type is the impact crusher and cone crusher. Impact crusher and cone crusher is the direct 40-10 cm stone crusher, this time the product is called stone, the diameter of about 3 inside. Of course, the heavy hammer crusher is also called the crusher.

The raw materials of the crusher are the same, granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz stone, river pebbles, limestone, iron ore, coal gangue, pebbles. Non-ferrous metal gold ore, hematite Iron ore, silver ore, rare earth ore, tungsten, molybdenum, germanium, lithium, lanthanum, aluminum ore. It is widely used in these industries.

The combination of the first type and the second type of gravel crusher is said to be an ore production line, such as the combination of the jaw crusher and the impact crusher, or the combination of the jaw crusher and the cone crusher, is a complete set of sand gravel production line schematic production line.

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